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Elf Girl Sim Date RPG

by Ludy Graffelman
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This is probably a first, an Elf Sim Dating RPG game from Ludy Graffelman (evilludy). Your goal is to simply date the hot Elf girls and gain 10,000 relationship experience points and get your happiness meter completely filled. You will first get the fancy intro that introduces all the girls: Glinda, Elphaba, Fantine, Nessarose, Cosette, Eponine. Then you choose your elf character and start assigning stats to him. There are six different stats you can add points to and train later on. Do this wisely because every girl likes other stats and some jobs require some stats above others. Once you are satisfied with your stats the game begins with a map that has locations throughout the game where you can do certain things to gain experience points and start meeting and talking to the elf girls right away. They might not like you yet tough, it is recommended that you raise your stats first. You can meet girls at the Grand river and at the Moria Mine dance Club. Also, if you relax at the Sauna or Fangorn forest, A random girl will pop up (cost 5 HP) if I girl is INCREDIBLY angry with you, and your relationship EXP only decreases, you need to stop talking to her for a few days. Every 30 days, a girl will be on her period for 4 days. When you get to be close friend, they will answer all your questions. Remember these answers; they'll be useful in dates and such. The following levels of relationships are in the game. Once you become a girl’s close friend, you can go out with them on dates. You will see a yellow/golden bar here. The girl’s happiness meter, once it is full - you can kiss a girl and she will become your girlfriend and a lot of exp will be added. The start amount of happiness is defined by the amount of cash spent on the dating location. During the date you will have to answer questions about the girl, give gifts, make compliments and take photos to have her happiness go up, wait with taking photos or she will find it awkward and don't give wrong answers to questions! Once you have a girlfriend, you can go to the elf city and visit their houses (being with them in their house will be like a date). With every girl, you will get a special ending movie, two real-life dating tips, the credits and a cheat code (the other 6 cheats are hidden over the rest of the game). After the credits, you can decide to go back to the map. The girl you've beaten will disappear and you can go after the remaining ones. There are in total 12 cheats and they are all hidden over the game.

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